Production Company: Skunk
Director: Brian Lee Hughes

Production organized 134 haircuts before we rolled one frame on day 3. Special thanks to Frenchie and Mia and Tallinn and Max.  Like a machine!
Burger King
Production Company: Skunk
Director: Greg Brunkalla

I learned on this shoot that "Halfsies, havesies, and hevsies" 
are all now copyrighted by BK.  You Rule!

Points Bet
Production Company: Wild Gift
Director: Vincent Peone
On the first day of shooting,  we were two weeks behind.   And way over budget.  It all worked out;  on time and under budget, with 6 solid spots, even with 24 people in video village.  Kudos to Tomer DeVito and David Mitchell for having my back. 
 Shaq is easy going for a big fella.  ​​​​​​​

Production Company: Katorga
DP: Bella Graves

My friend Francesca Zazzera, who is the Chief Creation Officer of Publicis Italy, called me about producing a Heineken project as part of "The Closer" campaign.  

I was the Publicis EP, produced the project through my company Katorga, and I was also the UPM.  We won 6 Lions at Cannes.​​​​​​​
 Special thanks to Francesco Bittichesu / Photographer, and 
Luca BoncompagnI / CD from Publicis / Milan
Woody Creek Whisky 
Production Company:  Film 47
Director: Douglas Avery
This one was fun I ain't gonna lie.  No money... 8 spots and a music video in 2 days.  Boom done.  We had an amazing crew,  and William H. Macy was so generous,  and great to work with throughout the prep.   ​​​​​​
Children's Tylenol
Production Company:  Wolfgang
Director:  Ron Hamad
Special thanks to Palma Pictures in Portugal and Julio Desir from Doner.  This was a good one in Lisbon...

Production Company: Native Content
Director: Abe Zerov

Chicago is a great place for film.   Director Abe Zverov, and his creative partner DP Karl Blomberg are both gems of humanity.  Abe is also a creative director at "The Onion".  We had a lot of laughs.

Cincinatti Insurance
Production Company: Native Content
Director:  Vanessa Black

We were tasked with creating a mixed - media story a la the NY TIMES about a Kentucky town devastated by a massive tornado;  One  that hit across 4 states in the middle of the night right before Christmas.  There was so much devastation;  the downtown looked like someplace in eastern Ukraine. The only thing left standing was a Rite Aid and a Pizza Hut, which were both built to withstand a Cat 5 hurricane.    
The folks from Peel & Holland were great in helping us piece together what happened that fateful night, and  the town folks were all very kind to share their stories.

Production Company: HARBOR
Director:  Ron Hamad
Thank you to my friend Grace, a UCLA Bruin and a former champion in gymnastics, who helped the young girl gain confidence on the balance beam.  Robin Webster's cinematography and Warren Purfoy's lighting also shine.
Production Company: Film 47
DIrector: Douglas Avery

Douglas and I had to travel out to the Mojave a few times to prep this crash test spot.  We often joked about the sign when you pass the boundary to the city.  
It was 108 in the shade on our shoot day.  @Vic Palumbo remember when that dust storm / dirt devil tore through the set and destroyed the pop-up tents right before lunch?  Fun times. 
 Ford Labor Day
Production Company:  AGBO
Director:  Matt Ogens
I produced this Labor Day Ford spot that was conceived, awarded, and shot over five days in LA.  Matt and I worked round the clock, and after wrap we jumped on a red eye and went to edit with Einar at Union Editorial in NYC.  The spot was on the air inside a week from concept to airdate.  I also got to direct Bryan Cranston in the VO booth while Matt was away shooting Kid Yamamoto.

Wright Bacon
Production Company : AGBO
Director:  Matt Ogens
We shot in Vernon Texas near the largest pork processing facility  east of the Mississippi.  Dane and the folks at the plant were amazing.  Special thanks to DP Eric Treml for sharing his amazing talents!

HBO Untitled doc-series about Autism
Production Company:  Katorga
EP:  Matt Ogens
Marcello Directed by Steve Oritt

This was to be 4 docs about autism for an HBO special hosted by John Stewart.  I did 2 months of casting on my own, and we were deep in production when Covid hit and HBO cancelled the whole thing.  
Med Star Health
Production Company:  Wolfgang
Director:  Yarra Sumeruk

Special thanks to Ethan Palmer / DP and the Washington / Baltimore crew that made this one happen!
Ninja Thirsty
Wolfgang Studios

Let's all agree to call a MO CO the overtime machine.
The Athlete
Production Company:  Native Content
Director:  Patrik Giardino
Jeff Cronenweth was our DP, and we shot on an LED Volume Stage. Sir Roger Deakins thinks in 10 years all high volume productions will shoot on an LED soundstage.  Integrating the virtual art department with practical set dressing was lots of fun.
United States Golf Association - US Women's Open
Production Company : Film 47
Director:  Douglas Avery
This spot was fun not only because we got to shoot with Kathryn Newton, who happens to be a scratch golfer, but I also got to partner with Zambezi agency producer Faye Armstrong, who happens to be the wife of one of my best friends.  Good times had all around, despite the 100 degree temps, and constantly blowing Santa Ana winds while shooting out in the Mojave desert.  With a huge process trailer, several vans and motor homes, and even an 18 wheeler drive by, this outside-the-zone spot was a teamsters dream job!

Big G/ Pokemon
Production Company:  Native Content
Director: Shaun Collings
General Mills Cereal;  doesn't get much more wholesome than that.    
Shaun the director is an FX guy, and takes the time to do his own animatic before every spot.  It really helps keep things aligned when prepping a job, and it's a great tool for timing. 
Production Company:  All Roads
Director:  Embry Rucker
The location for this one was spectacular:  We had to snowmobile the entire crew up to 9700 feet above Telluride, and also bring a doggie (who rode in the snow cat).  
Production Company:  Native Content
Director:  Paul Trillo
It was so much fun to shoot NAPA down in Atlanta with Jim Leonard and Shaun Campbell of VMLY & R.  They were both so organized and on top of things, and have such a great relationship with their NAPA clients, that it made my job easy.  Plus, they are really nice people, which believe it or not makes a huge difference on a job. 
We were in full-on Covid mode;  shot a whole version with masks on!

Guitar Center
Production Company:  Native Content
Director:  Christian Lamb

So much fun hanging with these artists;  We shot Finneas in Jimi Hendrix old Topanga Canyon place, and Her in DP Graig Frasier's house in Venice Beach.
Big G/ PS5
Production Company:  Native Content
Director;  Shaun Collings

Big G spots are big fun.  The grips built this rig to get the shot on the couch, since inside didn't have the depth we needed.
ThinkShield Docu-Series
Production Company:  Bullitt
Director:  Matt Ogens
This made the One Show Short list.  If you learned what I learned while casting the experts, you'd never trust anything on-line.
The drought. (Short Film)
Production Company:  Pentimento/ katorga
Written and Directed by Regina Corrado
We covered all  9 pages in one sweet 8 hour day, with a delicious one hour lunch break.   I was the DP as well as producer.  Great crew, great cast ...a real love fest!

Palace/ London
Production Company:  MPC London
Frenchie and I produced this little film in LA on a shoestring for our friends Richard skinner and Johnny Blick.
Production Company:  Bullitt
Director:  Matt Ogens

 I cast Ronald our main character when I visited the Braille Institute, and we owe him and Anita Wright  tremendous gratitude for letting us gaze into their world.
Special thanks to Eric Treml our DP for being amazing.
Special Olympics
Production Company:  Bullitt
Director:  Anderson Wright
Production Company:  Smuggler
Director:  Rhys Thomas